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    The first thing to say is that we hope you will end up viewing this place as a refuge from the noise of the mainstream Business Press. There’s a lot here…don’t feel obligated to take it all in at one time…stop by…poke around…maybe you’ll come across something you didn’t see the previous visit. What we don’t recommend is that you feel obligated to commit to stopping by on a rigid schedule and take in everything.

    Our objective is to be a site where you can stop in for some sanity.



The Practical Economist is an Executive Summary, but there's depth to it, too. It's an insightful look-back on the events of the week, and it's interesting reading - whether you enjoy economic theories or are just worried about their impact on your bucks in the bank. -- Christopher Cacace, CPA, Marks Paneth LLP


Are you a practical economist?

Most people don't have fifteen hours a week to gather, decipher, and distill what is, in many cases, second-hand impressions of information. Neither do our readers have the patience for manufactured news and journalistic hysteria for the purpose of selling copy or suiting a particular editorial agenda.

We created The Practical EconomistTM because our readers are, themselves, practical economists. They want news and analysis that is objective, to the point, and meaningful to them. They want simple answers to questions such as how strong the economy is where the domestic and global economies are headed what the major issues are in the financial system where the investing opportunities are Every Monday morning,
The Practical EconomistTM brings you:
Editor's Letter: A discussion of a timely topic that our Editor thinks requires your attention
Economic & Market Analysis:A weekly analysis of our key economic indicators and how the economy performed for the week
Commentary: An independent editorial on the issues of the week
Economic Scorecard: Our quantitative assessment of how strong the economy is, where the economy is headed, and to what extent risk factors are endangering expansion
Investment Outlook: Our statement of how we think the equity, currency, and commodity markets will behave in the coming months
You Asked: A forum for readers to ask questions about the economy and investing
Hot Topics:  Longer, in-depth discussion of economic currents in the news

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The Practical EconomistTM is published 49 weeks a year.